Getting Started

If you want to dive in straight away go to the TEI Publisher Documentation.

TEI Publisher From Scratch

To get started you can work through our workshop «TEI Publisher From Scratch». It is recommended to first view the instructions by Wolfgang Meier. If you have to catch up with some technologies or standards you will find helpful links and literature below.

GitHub repository of the workshop

Part 1

  • Simple renditions with model
  • Using predicates
  • Passing parameters to behaviours
  • Integrating information from the TEI header
  • Using modelSequence
  • Showing Metadata from the teiHeader

Workshop Live recording (Video) Slides Assignments
Solutions (Video)

Part 2

  • Showing a Facsimile
  • Output metadata in a separate column
  • Display additional metadata

Workshop Live recording (Video) Slides
Solutions (Video)

Part 3

  • Generating a separate application
  • Add a static page
  • Global document styles
  • Download the application to local disk

Workshop Live recording (Video) Slides Assignements Solutions (Video)

Helpful Literature and Websites

Working with TEI Publisher requires some knowledge of TEI, basic XPath and a little CSS. If you don't know any XPath yet, we recommend to read the short introduction linked below.

TEI Publisher Documentation





TEI Processing Model

TEI Publisher Hands on Workshop