Editors & Researchers

If you are a researcher working with texts or wanting to publish any kind of textual material, this is the right place.

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power to the editor

The motivation for a number of projects, institutions and individuals which eventually led to formation of the e-editiones was to create solutions which enable scholars and editors to create, process and publish their materials without becoming programmers, but also do not compromise the individuality of research nor force anyone into a rigid framework. It all started with simple but not trivial observation that all projects with a digital component have significant overlap regarding their basic needs:

Documents worth encoding in TEI are different (...) — but not that different, and eight out of ten probably will benefit from staying within the confines of a well thought-out standard schema and its surrounding processing rules. And even the two that don’t, may benefit from staying within that standard schema as far as possible. — Martin Mueller on TEI Simple 2014

In time, building upon various community standards, partial solutions, and interdisciplinary experience we managed to create a flexible and sustainable ecosystem that empowers the editor and puts interoperability, longevity and best practices in the center. The TEI Processing Model and TEI Publisher lie at the heart of this open source universe. Long story short, we welcome you to join our community and explore how tools and workflows we create and develop can help you to work focusing on the research and not technicalities.

re-using components, pooling resources and sharing best practices benefits everyone in the community and ensures our projects remain online and maintained for the decades to come

It all starts with your source documents, regardless if they are in TEI, other form of XML or perhaps even Word or Markdown. It doesn't matter if they are ancient inscriptions, correspondence, writer's notebooks, lexicon entries or anything else: they can be easily transformed into a range of output formats for publication - from a modern web page that you can open on your laptop or mobile device, to an ebook, a mobile app, or a high quality PDF for sending straight to your publisher for printing.

rooted in standards, built by the community, meant to last

More than that, your publication can be assembled very much like playing with Lego blocks, and, like Lego, it will still fit with others who embrace the same basic principles, however different they may look and feel on the surface. As a side effect, without any extra effort on your part, you end up with a kind of survival kit, resilient data and application package fit for easy distribution, long-term archiving but also future hosting and maintenance through infrastructure on institutional and national level.