Common eXist-db / TEI Publisher Deployment Scenarios

The community meetings are held online using this link, usually on the first Tuesday of each month at 17:00 CET/CEST. No registration is required to attend. We warmly invite you to propose topics for the forthcoming meetings.

This E-editiones online event covers different scenarios of running eXist-db applications by the example of TEI Publisher. Olaf Schreck and Lars Windauer from eXist Solutions will present the different possibilities and requirements for:

  • Editors presenting their TEI documents
  • Developers implementing new features
  • Sysadmins hosting digital editions in TEI Publisher

The first part of the event is intended also for the non-technical audience and will provide an overview of the different usage scenarios of TEI Publisher while the second part focuses on setting up and maintaining TEI Publisher for production environments with a focus on the IT automation software Ansible.

The event took place on Tuesday the 8th of September from 16:00 till 17:00 CEST on Jitsi.

Thanks to NIE-INE for sponsoring this event.