TEI Publisher 4.0

eXist Solutions are proud to announce the final 4.0 release of TEI Publisher. This release is the next big step towards our vision of a tool which enables XML-savy scholars and editors to publish materials without becoming programmers or forcing them into a one-size-fits-it-all framework.

TEI Publisher goes Web Components

Past projects we realized could prove that the TEI Processing Model is indeed a truly universal and powerful tool for any kind of XML, not just TEI. However, creating an online edition requires more than just text transformation: the text needs to be embedded into an application context, adding navigation, pagination, search, facsimiles and so on. Moving towards the emerging web component standard, TEI Publisher 4.0 implements all this functionality as small "lego" blocks to be freely arranged, recombined and extended.

Earlier versions of TEI Publisher were limited to showing a single text view by default. Creating more complex layouts required at least basic XQuery, HTML and CSS skills. As showcased by the example documents, the new version allows users to realize custom views without actually writing code. Users can pick from a toolbox of ready-made components, including text views based on an ODD transformation, IIIF-powered image viewers, maps and many more. All those building blocks come as custom HTML elements, which are easy to write and configure. Each of them encapsulates a certain functionality and appearance. Have a look at the documentation and the web components API to see how to use components.

Open Source

We strongly believe in Open Source, standards and reusability. TEI Publisher is a major milestone towards our vision, but there's always more to be done and we would like to invite the community to contribute ideas, goals and implementations. Missing a certain functionality or component? Tell us.

Get It!

TEI Publisher 4.0 is available as an application package on top of the eXist XML Database. Install it into a recent eXist (4.x.x series) by going to the dashboard and selecting TEI Publisher from the package manager.

For more information refer to the documentation or visit the homepage to play around with it.


Our special thanks go to the erabbinica.org project for funding a major part of the migration to web components.