TEI Publisher 7.0.0 RC

We're happy to announce the availability of version 7 of TEI Publisher as a release candidate.

Release Highlight: Open API

Version 7 represents the logical next step on our mission to improve interoperability, sustainability and long-term maintenance of editions created with TEI Publisher. While version 6 addressed the client side by extracting all webcomponents into a separate package, version 7 applies a similar redesign to the server side:

  1. It exposes a well-defined, clear API specification following the Open API standard. Understanding how exactly TEI Publisher routes requests through the various layers was often challenging. With the new API we have a single, well-documented entry point to which you can also add your own functionality.

  2. Updating becomes much easier due to defined API versions, clear configuration and separation of concerns

  3. The API can be easily accessed by other software outside TEI Publisher or its webcomponents, say, for example, Python or R scripts

The basis of this redesign is the new OAS-Router library, which reads a service specification following the Open API standard and maps incoming requests to the XQuery library implementing the actual functionality. By using Open API we can benefit from a wide choice of tools and utilities available for many programming languages.

Users can extend or modify the API by adding their own endpoints to custom-api.json. Open API allows you to describe all the details of an API call (i.e. parameters, response codes etc.), so your XQuery code can concentrate on implementing the actual functionality without having to bother with parameter or response types.

Furthermore, every API operation is independently tested against the specification, to assure that e.g. parameter and response types correspond exactly to the definition. For this our main Git repositories now use a sophisticated setup for running automated tests.

Other Improvements

The webcomponent library saw a number of important bug fixes and improvements. Despite the API changes, the library is fully backwards compatible: it first checks which version of TEI Publisher is running on the server and adjusts accordingly.

Among other things we improved the component handling file uploads, introduced a way to navigate back to the parent collection of a document being viewed, fixed bugs in the visual ODD editor, the search component and many others.


While version 7 tries to ensure that future updates will become much smoother, upgrading to 7 does still require a few manual steps, which are described in the documentation.

Get It!

TEI Publisher 7.0.0 RC is available as an application package on top of the eXist XML Database. Install it into a recent eXist (5.0.0 or newer) by going to the dashboard and selecting TEI Publisher from the package manager.

For more information refer to the documentation or visit the homepage to play around with it.


Again our special thanks go to the Swiss Nationale Infrastruktur für Editionen - Infrastructure nationale pour les éditions for funding most of the redesign!

The Open API implementation was inspired by earlier work funded by Early Chinese Periodicals Online (ECPO). A lot of bug fixes were supported by the Sammlung Schweizerischer Rechtsquellen.