e-editiones receives TEI Community Prize

We are deeply honoured that e-editiones has been awarded the 2021 TEI Community Prize! The awards panel offered us these kind words:

The awards panel was especially impressed by the way e-editiones has managed to gather a non-profit community of those creating scholarly digital editions and made the process of doing so easier through the coordination of ongoing development of the TEI Publisher software. The awards panel also noted the provision of training opportunities and open availability of the workshop materials for those wishing to (re)learn the software in their own time.

Colorful fireworks over a lake. Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

We are delighted that our efforts to build a thriving, diverse, and supportive open source software community together resonate so strongly with the broader community of TEI practitioners. The roots of e-editiones run deep in the TEI—starting with our initial implementation of the TEI Processing Model and continuing with the development and expansion of TEI Publisher. Throughout, we have been relentlessly driven by the simple goal to empower editors—whose digital training may focus on TEI encoding—to create high quality, sustainable, and interoperable publications. TEI Publisher is the synergistic product of strengths of our contributors: deep expertise in textual scholarship and TEI combined with technical excellence and sensitivity to the needs of humanities scholars. We are striving to carry on the legacy of Sebastian Rahtz’s passion, sharing his community-oriented, open-source-first approach, and a wish to work on challenging projects that advance the state of the field for the entire TEI Community.

In the community spirit, we will use the prize as a seed fund to expand our set of high quality examples to domains and use cases not yet covered in the TEI Publisher's demo collection. A call for contributions will be announced shortly.